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BIOMAX 4-Stage Drinking Water System produces high-quality, fresh water by reducing unwanted tastes and odors from your incoming water supply. Designed for the Home, where space is at a premium and quality water is essential”


Filters up to 10,000 litres or 2 years. 


Product Description


Removes up to 99.9% fluoride, micro plastics, pesticides, pathogens, viruses, organic & inorganic chemicals, micro organisms, heavy metals incl lead, copper, mercury producing safe, energized, alkaline mineral water.


Filter Kit Contains:

• Dual sediment filters assure high performance in low water quality regions


1- Filter set box ( front panel & back panel ) (1)

2- Diversion pipe (1)

3- Hose - 2 meters (1)

4- Regulating valve (1)


• Easy installation by simply inserting the hoses into the unit

5-*Tap faucet / Magnets (1) 6- John guest fitting (8)


• Convenient tool-free filter replacement • Case covers the filters for enhanced hygiene


Filter stages:


Dual sediment filters assure high performance in low water quality regions


1- Super compound filter
2- Ultra fine membrane filter 3- Bio mineral filter
4- Nano carbon block filter





Waters BioMax

SKU : 1009