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What our customers have to say

Waters Co Mineral Pot water filters have been in New Zealand since 1984, that's 30 plus years of providing water filtration systems, turning your contaminated tap water into healthy, alkaline mineral water. Our products are endorsed by medical practitioners and our large customer base as well as formal awards and certifications. In recent years there have been many companies 'jumping on the alkaline water bandwagon', none have been able to improve on or replicate what we have always done.

The following are just a few of the many testimonials received from our customers, industry professionals and ambassadors. 

“Thank you for getting back to me and your helpful response”, 

I love my benchtop filter so much! It's turned me into such a water snob!!! Thank you for producing a great product.

Many thanks,



15 plus years BMP Ace & BMP 400

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I first became aware of the benefits of good hydration and filtrated water in 1997 and purchased the Ace Mineral Pot which has a 1.5 litre capacity.  I followed Waters Co. testing procedure to check for residual chlorine, acidity/alkalinity and calcium/magnesium quantities in my tap water compared to the mineral pot water.  The tests for chlorine and acidity/alkalinity were not that dissimilar, most probably due to having access to reasonable city supply water.  The major difference I found in the testing however was in the mineral content.  The activation of the water via the sea based minerals added by the Waters Co mineral filter definitely proved it was superior for drinking water.  This is in addition to the removal of bacteria, harmful chemicals and heavy metals.

I had friends and family who were sceptical back then of water treatment systems yet I found they never went to my tap to get water!  Eventually some of them went on to purchase filters for themselves.  I found I was using more and more filtrated water so in 2000 I purchased the Bio Mineral Pot 400 which holds 5 litres.  The additional capacity allowed me to easily take filtered water to work and use in my cooking.

Recently needing to change the filters in my mineral pot I decided to research other products given the growing awareness and choice now in the marketplace.  I found as many claims as there were brands available.  Whilst each system I compared removed varying degrees of contaminants it was only the Waters Co filters that added the unique benefit of trace elements.  It is this that has kept me a faithful devotee of the Waters Co filtration products for the past ten years and to continue in the years to come."

Addendum to testimonial

Fifteen years later I am still using my Bio Mineral Pot 400.  I recently moved from Melbourne to a small regional area in northern NSW where water supplied by the Council is not filtered.  During times of heavy rain, water can become discoloured and is injected with elevated levels of chlorine, so much so that the taste is very noticeable and stains the rims of my white bathroom basins.  Being able to filter my water through the Mineral Pot allows me to always enjoy fresh purified water without worry.

“The water is soo smooth”, “it tastes really nice”… And I love this one, “Mum, that was money well spent!“

Three weeks ago I had water filters installed to filter water from our town supply.  I am very pleased with the filters, the friendly and informative service from Health Products and their recommended Installer.

We chose the:

  • PureMaster (whole house filtration)

  • FluorideMaster  (whole house filtration)

  • And the Ceramic Jade Mineral Pot (plumbed into our kitchen providing continuous flow of mineralised, alkaline and many other goodies for drinking water)

The PureMaster and FluorideMaster

It has been reassuring to know that all of the taps in the house, and the garden hose that waters our food provides filtered water.

We have noticed the shower water is softer and also gentle on your skin and hair.

And that drinking water, brushing teeth, washing hands etc from the bathroom taps is with filtered water. Our bathrooms are upstairs, away from the kitchen, so access to water from the bathroom taps provides filtered water.


The Ceramic Jade Mineral Pot

All of our drinking and cooking water comes from the Ceramic Jade Mineral Pot.  It is pretty special !

The children and I are drinking more water than we ever have and it is so easy and enjoyable to drink.  Some of the comments the children have made about the water from the ceramic pot are:

“The water is soo smooth”

“it tastes really nice”

“It’s just the right temperature”

And I love this one, “ Mum, that was money well spent ! “

I am more than happy in recommending Phil and his team at Health Products.  He is open to questions and has plenty of experience and information when it comes to helping you choose the right water filter for your home, business and budget.

Many thanks to you all at Health Products



she found that the Waters Mineral water helped her itching problem whenever she rubbed it on her skin.

Mrs. Im had a serious skin disease; she was constantly scratching her skin because of perpetual itch. It got so bad that she scratched herself to the point where she drew blood. This condition of thirty years made her a virtual prisoner in her own home.

Her pharmacist told her that she would have this condition until the day that she died. This news made her feel like she wanted to die. But Mrs. Im would not quit. She tried many different solutions until one day, one of her neighbors introduced to her the Waters Mineral Pot.

To her surprise, she found that the Waters Mineral water helped her itching problem whenever she rubbed it on her skin. By using this mineral water on a daily basis, her skin condition gradually improved. This process resulted in a significant drop in her medical bills. Today Mrs. Im and her family are great advocates of all Waters products.

Mrs Im


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