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Portable Water Filter System with Foldable Water Bottle & Water Bag

Life water filter

Drink Safe & Clean Water, Removal of bacteria up to 99.9%

Effectively elimination of virus, bacteria, germs, organic matters and other pollutants up to 99.9%

Usage of the Water Purifier system :

hiking, scouting, camping with group, cutting off the water supply, caravanning and other emergency situations outdoors, Outdoor water source like river, stream, lake, ect


Life Filter Advantages

  1. Easy to carry.

  2. Easy to use as a Straw mode.

  3. You drink clean water directly through this Life water filter from not only tap water but also outdoor water like river, stream, lake, etc. and also carry this treated water by the equipped folding bottle.

  4. Able to get the clean & safe water by removing  bacteria in water through Life membrane filter (0.1micron)

  5. Authentic Antibacterial Ag Ceramic Ball prevents pollution of inside filter.

  6. Possible to check directions by Mini Magnetic Compass attached to the cap of it during outdoor activity or in mountain.

Image View Life Water Filter

(Virtual Reality Product / Drag mouse on image)

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