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10 Reasons Why You Should Choose: Our Alkaline Water Filters

  1. Get peak physical and mental performance – Discover why world-class athletes endorse our Mineral Pot products. The health benefits of alkaline water, ionised mineral water without harmful substances are invaluable.                             

  2. Save money – At $1.20 - $10.00 a litre, did you know that bottled water often costs more than petrol? Save your hard earned money with our water filter systems. For example, the Bio Mineral Pot filter range gives you high quality, alkaline mineral water at under 3 cents per litre* (*Calculated on cost of replacement filters).

  3. Clean, pure, fresh taste – Imagine the taste of water as though it’s just come from a natural mineral spring source!

  4. Lifetime peace of mind – How much is total peace of mind worth to you? Any faulty goods will be replaced for as long as you live. Read about our Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

  5. Be environmentally responsible – You can make a difference by reducing carbon emissions and fossil fuel used in the production and distribution of disposable plastic bottles, an alarming amount of which ends up in landfill waste and our oceans. Take our Waterman portable water filter for example. Your one decision to buy this product is equivalent to around 1300 x 600ml bottles per replaceable filter.

  6. Choice and range – Choose from a wide range of portable, domestic & commercial drinking water and shower filter systems.

  7. Easy and convenient – You can take Waterman mini portable water filter with you anywhere. Mineral pots sit on your bench top. Plumbed in water filtration systems give you a continuous water supply.

  8. Internationally recognised – Waters Co has won a number of quality awards for water filtration. High level endorsements and associations give you 100% confidence.

  9. Availability – You can buy Water Co Mineral Pot products from any one of our growing number of retailers or you can buy direct from us.

  10. Support your community – You can help us to support New Zealand  athletes, sporting clubs and schools through funds we donate & fund raising activities.

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