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Lifetime Replacement Warranty

We are so confident of the quality of our products, should any malfunctions develop due to faulty materials or manufacturing defect, we will replace the part or system with the same or similar product within the life of the purchaser.

Your warranty naturally does not cover misuse or negligent handling, or prolonged use of expired filters resulting in physical damage.

Should we discontinue a product line & no longer supply replacement filters contact us directly, upon return of obsolete item we will replace your filter system with the equivalent model for the same cost as your replacement filter set.

30 Day Guarantee

We have great confidence in our products, however should you receive a product that you believe is not what was ordered or does not meet your expectation, we shall replace the item or refund your money at our discretion provided the item is returned in original undamaged condition to:

Waters Co New Zealand

Portable/personal Filters
Portable/personal Filters
Portable/personal Filters
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