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The Bio Ceramic Pot energises, re-mineralises and ionises ordinary tap water while filtering out chemicals, heavy metals & bacteria & odours. The Bio Ceramic Pot is kiln fired at over 1500 degrees & then polished which produces significant far infrared rays energising the water creating a surprisingly light & energetic water with a pH of around 7.8 – 10.Plumbed in 3.0 litre capacity





Full product information and specifications

Ceramic Jade Nano Black

  • Plumbed in 3.0 litre capacity
    Filter life 2 years and 30,000 litres

    Water is an organic nutritious mineral. All of its elements play roles in the human body such as forming tissue and controlling functions. Minerals dissolved in water (calcium, magnesium etc) are very important to humans.


    Ideal alkaline mineral ionized water

    • Alkalescent water in pH8~8.5.
    • Mineral ion such as calcium, magnesium and 60 mineral ions more.
    • Most ideal Oxidation-Reduction-Potential value to our human body.

    Drinking water for special purpose.

    • Anion 1500~2000 per cc and more.
    • Far infrared wave energy.
    • Most ideal Oxidation-Reduction-Potential value to our human body.

    Why ceramics?

    • The freshness and natural energy should be stored in natural mineral material.
    • (The plastic destroys freshness and the energy)
    • Natural geological stratum is composed of natural mineral.

    The mineral in natural base rock

    Jade | organic germanium | ionic mineral | Chinese Mineral stone | tourmaline | Alkalite | Somelite and 25 kinds more