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PENTAIR Whole House Water Filtration

Get the best out of your water, take the worst out of it.

Cover - protects the sytem from the harsh weather elements

whole house filtration flter
KDF-GAC water filter
Sediment filter
sediment filter

The third filter for town supply is the KDF-GAC, a two mediacartridge consisting of KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) andGAC (Granulated Activated Carbon). When the KDF media is

combined with GAC it strips the chlorine from the water

before it contacts the carbon. This frees the carbon to reduce

more chemical contaminants including herbicides, pesticides,

VOC’s and THM’s.

waters filters radial flow GAC

The first two filters are for sediment removal. The pleated filter is manufactured from a durable, non - woven polyester fabric that is suitable for removal of coarse sediment. The dual radient filter which is manufactured from 100% pure polypropylene is designed to remove sediment, particles and for cyst reduction. Using an advanced design the filter is able to achieve up to three times the normal dirt holding capacity as other sediment filters. It has a 25 micron outer shell for larger particles and a 1 micron inner shell for finer particles and cysts.

The third filter for tank supply is radial flow GAC, a unique radial flow design which offers the benefits of granular activated carbon (GAC) filtration, such as low pressure

drop, while at the same time significantly reducing the

release of carbon fines commonly associated with GAC

-style cartridges. It is ideal for point-of-entry (POE) and

other high flow rate applications

PENTAIR - Triple Whole House Filtration

Pentair’s triple whole house water filtration is a 3 stage system consisting of pleated filter, dual gradient filter and KDF -GAC filter(town supply) and radial flow GAC (tank supply).

It comes with:

•   Cover protects the system from the harsh

weather elements

•   Pentair jumbo housing—heavy duty, offer large

capacity filtration needs

•  Two pre filters—for high sediment removal

•  For town supply: 10” jumbo KDF/GAC—for chlorine

and heavy metal reduction

•  For tank supply: 10” jumbo radial flow GAC—for

taste and odour reduction

•  1” Metal pressure reducing valve-as all jumbo

housings have a pressure retention of 80-100 psi.

Most municipal supplies are up to 140 psi coupled

with water hammer, it ‘s reckless not to install a PRV

•  Pressure gauges—for optimum filter life and no

guess work

•  Shut off valve—for easy changing of filters and

maintenance. No need to turn off the mains

•  Triple housing stand for added stability





• Removes particles and sediment from water

• Save money by not buying costly bottled water

• Protects downstream equipment and appliances

• A wise investment for your health, family and your pocket

• With clean and better tasting water, you drink more which is very important for the body’s overall health

• Chlorine free, allergy free. Removing chlorine from bathing water results in “less skin irritation”*


• Removes up to 98% of chlorine and dangerous by-products*


•Reduces heavy metals like lead, copper and mercury*


•Removes pesticides, THMS and other dangerous chemicals*


*Applicable when 10BKDF-GAC filter is used*

whole house water filtration
whole house water filtration
whole house water filtrtion
whole house water filtration

It comes complete with:

Get the best out of your water, take the worst out of it.

Contact us if you would like one of our team to send some more information about  whole house water filtration systems including renting to own or 4 easy payments.

Whole House Water Filtration

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