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Whole Home

Water Filtration



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Baby Nursery - Make sure your baby has the best of everything including healthy filtered water for bathing and formulas

House Plants- Plants and flowers thrive in non-chlorinated water.

Showering-Chlorine in water will dry out your skin ageing it. Steam heats chlorine, creating chloroform gas that can irritate your lungs causing fatigue

Whole House Water Filtration System

Cooking - Boil fresh veggies and rice in healthy clean water instead of chlorinated tap water. Taste the difference

Whole house filtration will remove sediment, chemical contaminants and chlorine taste & odour from drinking water.

Dogs and Cats preffer non- chlorinated water. If given a chance a dog will choose filtered water.


about our whole house water filtration system

Waters Co Mineral Pot water filters have been in New Zealand since 1984, that's 30 plus years of providing water filtration systems, turning your contaminated tap water into healthy, alkaline mineral water. Our products are endorsed by medical practitioners and our large customer base as well as formal awards and certifications. In recent years there have been many companies 'jumping on the alkaline water bandwagon', none have been able to improve on or replicate what we have always done.

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