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Natural Resin for Removal of Fluoride & Nitrate

Fluoride filtration

Waters Co Mineral Pot filters have been offering Fluoride removal to Australian consumers for 30 years. As a result of the growing demand for filters effective in the reduction of fluoride, we have continued to research various methods and filtration technologies and are now offering up to 99.99% removal in our filter systems; (In testing our results show up to 100% removal).


We have avoided using activated alumina, commonly used in cheaper water filtration systems quoting 90 plus % removal, due to inconsistant results (specifically related to contact time & water pH), limited life cycle and the reintroduction of alumina to the drinking water, as this is potentially swapping one neurotoxin for another.

Another method commonly used in under sink systems is reverse osmosis, which we believe is an ecologically unsound method and also displays inconsistent quality results.

Instead of these technologies, and keeping in line with our commitment to using natural compounds and methods, we utilise a special kelp resin (ion exchange) sourced from Germany, which is used in the Waters Co filter stages, specifically for the reduction of Fluoride, nitrate & other compounds difficult to remove. This is the preferred method according to FAN (Fluoride Action Network) 


If you're not sure about the need to remove Fluoride from your tap water because of the debate about its dental benefits, here are some resources that might make you rethink your position.

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