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ceramic far infared

Far Infra-red Technology


Waters Co Mineral Pots feature Far Infrared Ceramics, which are made from a mixture of various metals and non-metal elements that have been treated at a temperature of between 900º-1300ºC. In the resulting ceramic, Ki (Chi or life energy) is generated, which is absorbed and stored in water. Drinking water is thus synonymous to drinking Ki.

Furthermore, far infrared rays are also emitted. The far infrared ray is the ray with the biggest wavelength of all infrared rays.  Infrared has a larger wavelength than the red area of the visible rays, and has significant thermal effects. It is transparent, easily absorbed into substances, and is characterized by its strength in resonance with the molecules of the organic compounds. If light has a short wavelength, it reflects well. If the wavelength is long, then it is easily absorbed into the object it reaches, and therefore it has a sharp penetration, which causes the body to warm up when exposed to this kind of light. This type of heat thermal treatment helps to remove pathogenic germs that are sources of various diseases. It expands the capillary vessel that helps with blood circulation and the generation of cell structure. Moreover, when the proteins and water molecules that makes up a cell get exposed to this type of light, the molecules vibrate minutely at a rate of 2000 times per minute, which in turn effectively activates the cell system that practically prevents aging, accelerates the body metabolism, which aids recovery from chronic fatigue and prevents adult diseases. It also accelerates perspiration and circulation, relieves pain, gets rid of heavy metals, helps sleep, helps deodorization, prevents the growth of bacteria or fungus, helps to dehumidify, helps air purification and has so many other properties that is used widely in many areas.

Summary of the effects of far infra-red ray:

  • Production of Ki (Chi or life energy)          

  • Increase in physiological activity

  • Regulates Perspiration    

  • Relieves pain

  • Removes heavy metals from cells      

  • Helps sleep

  • Effective deodorization (Bacteriostatic)

  • Suppress germ growth

  • De-humidifying property   

  • Air purification

  • Slightly alkalising

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