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magnestised water

Magnetised Water


Magnetising water is one of the most important functions of the Mineral Pot filter. Many years of research has proven the benefits of magnets and magnetising to our health, for pain relief and more.

A simple study to show the benefits of magnetised water is to take two identical plants, feed one the magnetised Mineral Pot Water and the other Tap Water and see the difference in health & growth (Many progressive farmers are magnetising their water supplies for greater crop yeilds)

Magnetised water's biological effects:

  • Promotes growth, fitness and metabolism.

  • Strengthens the resistance of the living body due to its high activation in the body.

  • Helps with digestion and the helps bowel activities.

  • Prevents or treats gallstones and urolith (Urinary tract stones) generation.

  • Helps to discharge bodily waste and increases liver function.

  • Maintains the tears, sweat, saliva, and the intestinal fluid.

  • Suppresses germ growth.

  • Solubility, cohesion, and conductivity are increased.

  • Maintains longer cohesion.

  • Magnetised water does not evaporate easily.

  • Due to its molecular structure being densely crowded, it is slow to freeze and slow to melt.

  • Due to its particular molecular structure, concentrated water colonies are formed.

  • Cancer preventative. Water treated at the N Pole creates a higher ratio of hexagonal water. Therefore,   there are reports that claim it suppresses the growth of cancer cells.

  • Create more hexagonal micro-clustered water.

How Does Magnetising Work?

Magnetised water is water made from the magnetic field from magnets. Let us discuss little bit about magnets. All magnets have a N pole and an S pole. In 1930, it was proved that the line of induction exits from the S pole, reenters in the middle and exits again from the middle and reenters through the N pole again.

When making magnetised water, the N pole must be used. The N pole of the magnets improves work efficiency, promotes the metabolism, has healing effects, relieves pain, is useful for the treatment of allergies and is good for calming the emotions.

The method for making magnetised water is based on the principle that water molecules become smaller by going through the process of hydrogen separation and recombination when the water flows through a powerful magnetic field. If water is placed above a magnet or allowed to flow through a magnetic field, electricity occurs in the water when the water flows through the magnetic field, by which the water gets ionised and becomes magnetised water. When a magnetic field is applied to water, changes in its physical property, magnetic susceptibility, light absorption, viscosity coefficient, electrical resistance and surface tension take place.

When water is placed on the N pole, the surface tension of the water increases, the structure of water becomes more elaborate and its density increases. When S pole is used, the opposite happens. For example, an amount of water consists of 10~14 molecules of water per cluster. When this water is magnetised, the cluster size gets smaller, with 6~10 elements per cluster. Magnetic fields, without help from any other inorganic substances, change the disposition of water molecules that form clusters. Magnetised water activates the cellular tissues in the human body that in turn promote the metabolism. If this kind of water is consumed, the magnetic energy, namely “Ki water” is consumed.

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