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Safe Storage Environment

Safe Storage Environment

Once the water has been filtered it is of critical importance that it is kept in a vessel that will not contaminate it.

Waters Co use a number of different reservoir technologies as appropriate to each products purpose. Most importantly they are BPA (Bisphenol A) free an non leeching. Below is a list of the types of reservoirs used and which models they are designated to.

Bio Ceramic Reservoir. Auto plumbed in

WATERS Bio Ceramic Jade (Thousand-Years-Fountain-water-purifier) is world's only water purifier made from ceramic. Ceramic is made from a mixture of various metals and non-metal elements that have the potential of generating Ki (Otherwise known as Chi or life energy). The ceramic substance is treated (Kiln fired) at a temperature of over 900?-1300? polished, retreated to the same temperatures and polished again. As mentioned previously, in ceramic, Ki is generated, which is absorbed and stored in water. Drinking water is thus synonymous to drinking Ki. Furthermore, the far infrared ray is also transmitted.

Glass Reservoir. 5,10 litre and H&C model

Unlike many competitor products, which use a plasic or perspex reservoir in bench top & commercial filters. Our bench top range BMP 400 (5 litre), BMP 1000 (10 litre) and Commercial BMP H&C Floor Standing all use hand blown blue glass reserviors.

Glass is a much better medium for storing water:

  • More natural than Plastics & Perspex

  • Helps to maintain a lower ambient temperature in warmer climates.

  • Non Porous

  • Does not harbour bacteria & viruses

  • Easier to clean

  • Not affected by detergents & cleaning products

  • Provides UV filtration from sunlight

  • Aesthetically more attractive



Perspex Reservoir. 1.5 litre jug

The 1.5 litre BMP Ace jug is made from Perspex which has glass like qualities without the fragility of glass. Perspex is BPA free, hard wearing, resistent to heat & detergents.

PET 1 & Tritan. Waterman Portable

All Waterman units produced prior to Oct 2012 have a PET1 reservior which is a food grade plastic and is certified BPA free.

Waterman Units produced Post Oct 2012 have a reservior made using Triton, which is harder wearing, more resistent to heat, detergents and most importantly is still BPA free

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